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About Coach Stephanie


Stephanie V. Slavin, Transformational Coach for Health, Wealth and Happiness

As the former CEO and Chairman of the Board of an international aviation consulting firm that she founded in 1981, Stephanie Slavin started coaching Fortune 500 CEO’s who wanted to know how her company had been invited to do business in Japan when they couldn’t even buy their way into that country. During many coaching sessions with several executives, she discovered the hidden reasons that had repeatedly blocked their success.  For those CEO’s who awoke and transcended their inner blocks, Stephanie introduced their companies into the Japanese market.

After selling her company to her Japanese joint-venture partner in the early nineties, and living in Europe for awhile, Stephanie returned to Charlotte, NC, where she launched her coaching practice.

 A lifetime of flying helicopters, piloting airplanes, and developing companies has imbued Coach Stephanie with uninhibited vision, systems thinking, and strategic direction. Coupled with her innate tendency to see the best in every person, she has been mentored and influenced by leading thinkers such as author Joe Vitale, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Lin, Dr. Daniel Amen, and Dr. R.W. Jue, founder of the Icon Visualization process. She holds a B.S. in Cellular Biology from Purdue University, and multiple certifications in Emotion Code® Healing, Emotional Intelligence, Energy Leadership, Training and Development, and the Five Factor Model of Behavior ©.

Coach Stephanie has also spoken professionally on five continents, and conducted more than 200 full-day seminars worldwide. Integrating her result-oriented business and technical expertise with the concepts of "inner spirit" have made Stephanie a gifted coach and mentor.

While she has received a number of community awards and accolades from clients worldwide, one in Queensland, Australia in 2009, stands out. That recognition led her to co-author a book with mentors Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, and Mark Victor Hansen.

 Coach Stephanie also loves to acknowledge others, which has led to developing two national awards: The Katharine Wright Memorial Award, ©1981, and The Eagle Laureate, ©2001. Stephanie, her husband, two rambunctious Labs and two lazy cats now live in Sarasota, FL.

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