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Q: What happens in a coaching session?

A: Whether you and your coach meet in person or by phone, you will promptly focus on the issue that most concerns you. First, you will describe it, the coach will clarify her understanding, then help you visualize an "icon" which will bring out an answer that is deep inside you. This picture and the interpretation can infuse you with “knowing” what to do, and gives you the inspiration to shift your thinking and actions. Your coach can also give you specific tools to use, as well as books, CD's, DVD's, seminars, and specific assessments to benchmark your progress.


Through synergy, your coach will provide structure and expertise to help you break through barriers and achieve your goals, to help you get things done. Your coach will help you reveal your blind spots, and provide a safe environment where you can question your assumptions, be vulnerable, observe yourself, explore new actions, and make major changes.


Depending on the coaching package you choose, you may have email access between sessions, or receive e-mail reminders to further support each breakthrough. You may also arrange for check-in calls between sessions. The goal is for you to “Soar with your strengths and manage your weaknesses.”  Every coach-client relationship can be custom designed to fit individual needs. 

Q: What does "soar with your strengths" mean?

A: To do more of what you do best, which just happens to be what you really love to do! When you do first what makes you feel good and feel competent, then your energy and passion grow, making it much easier to do the stuff you don't like to do. But, your coach will also show you how to “manage your weaknesses” by finding others who love to do what you don’t like doing!

Q: How can coaching connect me with my purpose in life?

A: By reconnecting you to your Inner Self.  All the answers to everything you’re seeking lie inside you…. you've just "forgotten." A coach gives you both permission and awareness to reawaken your intuition and follow the positive guidance of your Inner Voice. You will also learn how to use the Universal Laws of Attraction, Allowing, and Deliberate Intent to rediscover your purpose and find true wealth---money, health, and happiness.

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