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Unlimited prosperity is the birthright given by your Creator! Total Wealth means enough money to share and to spare, vibrant health and happy relationships.  We will erase your nagging money issues of "Never enough," "Don't deserve it," and "Slips through my fingers."  And help you stop losing money by understanding that "money is energy.” You will Learn how to accumulate cash and reduce debt with our proprietary Prosperity Pouch 2.0 System™ .  You will discover the Universal law of giving and receiving, and get a plan to eliminate credit card debt. Release stress by discovering how your specific body functions and the ideal foods, supplements, and activity it needs to optimize your energy and long-term health. Free yourself of draining relationships and find the joy in harmonious relationships.


Includes a WorkPlace BigFive Personality Profile™  and our proprietary Prosperity Pouch 2.0 System™; plus, lesson handouts, 3 books by leading authors, and up to 24 coaching sessions of 60-75 minutes once a week or twice a month (your choice) for approximately 6 months


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