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We always get what we think about, so why don't we always get what we want? "Smashing Through the Roadblocks in the Highways of Your Mind" by Life Coach, Stephanie Slavin, will answer that question for you. She wrote this book to help dispel cynicism and restore hope in the world.

Her brand-new, 1-hour e-book on will show you how to stop falling down the rabbit hole of fear, doubt and worry. The real-life stories and list of ten ways to break a negative mindset can help you discover how to live a life of True Prosperity---money, health, and happiness. This book takes just an hour to read, because Coach Stephanie designed it to be a short, powerful reminder that you can use any time you need a reminder on how the Law of Attraction works.

Smashing Through The Roadblocks In The Highways Of Your Mind - Stephanie Slavin

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