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To create a powerful intention there are just three steps.
1) First of all, write the words down; write them very specifically for what
you want.
2) Secondly, close your eyes and envision your wish fulfilled. How it
sounds, feels, smells, any sensations that you can record.
3) Third, repeat the exact words of your intention every day. This is not for
the Universe---the Universe got it the first time. Rather, this is to keep
you focused and from losing faith that you will receive the health,
wealth, and happiness that you're asking for.

Now, let’s put your Intention to work!  Choose from one of the coaching
programs below to get started.  Know that all of our coaching is completely
confidential, and that you will never be judged.
All sessions are given by telephone or by Zoom, whichever you prefer.
Now, let’s get started!

Thank you, Coach Stephanie

How to set powerful Intentions that enable you to stop sabotaging habits, heal relationships, and end negative thinking. Includes a Big Five Personality Profile and your choice of telephone or Zoom coaching sessions once or twice a month, along with email contact.

Get help fast! When you're struggling with a problem, overwhelmed by negative thoughts, or deflated by a Criticizer/Blamer/Complainer, call Coach Stephanie for a 10-minute pep session! STOP "attracting what you don't want," or falling into a dark hole of frustration and depression. You'll get fast, effective help, and you can call anytime (determined by you and your Coach). Choose a package that includes 4 to 8 calls per month.

Unlimited prosperity is the birthright given by your Creator! Total Wealth means enough money to share and to spare, vibrant health and happy relationships.  


We will erase your nagging money issues of "Never enough," "Don't deserve it," and "Slips through my fingers."  And help you stop losing money by understanding that "money is energy.”


You will Learn how to accumulate cash and reduce debt with our proprietary Prosperity Pouch 2.0 SystemTM .  


You will discover the Universal law of giving and receiving, and get a plan to eliminate credit card debt. Release stress by discovering how your specific body functions and the ideal foods, supplements, and activity it needs to optimize your energy and long-term health.


Free yourself of draining relationships and find the joy in harmonious relationships.

How I Coach

PHILOSOPHY:   You already know all of the answers to all of your questions.  My job is to listen intently and intuitively, to help you “hear” those answers.  As a professional coach with more than 25 years of experience in business-ownership, life-management, leadership development, focused learning in writing and marketing your book, and in Prosperity Coaching, my goal is to bring you a unique blend of visionary, pragmatic and contrarian guidance to achieve what you seek.

SESSIONS:  best results are achieved by meeting (in person or by phone) once a week or twice a month.

SESSION LENGTH:  while most sessions are about 60 minutes long, please know that we will talk until a thought has been completed, or until You, the Client, are clear about whatever has been discussed; my intent is for you to make progress that you are happy about---coaching is all about YOU!

QUESTIONS: you may send an email at any time between our sessions to or with the button below.

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