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In today’s world, when someone is seeking a professional coach, they often like to know how that coach has helped someone else. So, let me give you two brief stories, which my clients have given me permission to share.

Ben's Brain

When we first met, Ben was the highly successful CEO of a $20M company in Canada.  He was referred to me by his best friend, another client of mine, who owned a company in Florida. 

Ben had a rough childhood, then went to college, became a “hippie” in Haight-Ashbury, and spent 20 years addicted to hard drugs. In spite of his addiction, his entrepreneurial drive led him to build a successful company.  He fell in love, and that wonderful woman helped him kick the drug habit. But, in spite of many personal successes, Ben felt that he had wasted so much of his life. He felt that he could have built a $100M company and wouldn’t always feel “cash-poor”--- if he just hadn’t been a drug-addict. He came to me to help him “quantum leap” out of an inability to concentrate (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), into reaching huge financial success, and finding greater personal happiness.

Within six sessions, Ben achieved several “quantum leaps.” We started holistically, looking at the whole person, not just the issues he presented. By addressing the five aspects of Ben’s life (mental, emotional, physical, financial, and relationships), he chose to make three subtle changes which enabled him to immediately sleep better and gain more energy. 

In Session #3, during our proprietary “Icon Visualization” process, Ben released a powerful negative experience that had long blocked his success. As a result of having studied the human brain, I suggested that his drug addiction might have resulted from childhood brain trauma, and recommended he get a brain scan. Indeed, early trauma was found.

Thus, Ben gained a profound insight: it wasn’t mere emotional weakness that had led him to 20 years of drug addiction! (Since both addiction and ADHD often follow a brain injury).  Not only did he receive necessary therapy to heal the lingering brain damage and manage his ADHD without medication, but Ben also stopped beating himself up for his years of addiction.

Just three months from the start of coaching, Ben’s business started growing strongly. He doubled his company’s revenues a year later, and increased profits by 22%, in spite of a worldwide economic recession.

After erasing many emotional blocks, Ben gained fresh insight which gave him abundant mental and physical energy. He became radiantly happy and more physically fit, finding physical exercise fun instead of drudgery. And, he spent more time with his family than he ever had before. In the sixth month of coaching, he decided that he didn’t want to keep building his company to $100M in revenue. Instead, he wanted to sell it and pursue a profound new dream to give to others who had suffered as he had in childhood. Finally, Ben’s brain had started working for him, rather than against him.

By our 12th month of coaching, Ben had accomplished several shifts in perspective. More, he accomplished his goal of selling the company and creating a foundation that allowed him to give from his heart which was now overflowing with love and appreciation.

Sarah's Book

Sarah is a creative woman in her 40’s who is a professional equestrian.  I met her through my passion for horses, which led me to one of her riding clinics.  During our three days together, she often mentioned the book she was in the process of writing, and how she was struggling to get it finished.  As a coach for “authors-to-be” I offered my help. 

In just five sessions, Sarah discovered how to trust her Inner Voice on the unusual things she wanted to do in her book.  I guided her to clarify her vision of the book-plus-DVD, gave her pragmatic steps to fulfill her vision, and encouraged her unique intentions.  Originally, she had planned to sell the book for $70.00 a copy, which seemed to be an extraordinarily high price, especially for a first -time author.  However, Sarah had valid reasons, so I helped her innovate some ways to effectively market that price. Further, I directed her to a reliable print-on-demand publisher, and to an intellectual property attorney who advised how to publish her work in a second language.

The result was that Sarah achieved all her goals and produced a beautiful book-plus-3- hour DVD, which sold out in 30 days….at the new, but discounted price, of $99 per copy.  Just one year later, two subsequent printings had sold out at $110 per copy.  Within six months, Sarah’s book had boosted her national and international stature and expanded the demand for her teaching. As a result, she achieved her ultimate goal of traveling less and hosting more clinics at her own ranch.

Sarah moved from struggling to produce a book to publishing and successfully marketing her unique creation, which has given her more joy, more freedom, and more money.

Richard Williams, CEO, Quantum International
Newport Beach, CA

"When looking for a coach or consultant, one should always ask the question 'Will I find what I am looking for in this relationship?'  Having known and worked with Stephanie Slavin for the past year, I am delighted to recommend her, as what she brings to the relationship is priceless.  Integrity, value, honesty, trust, wisdom and experience are just a few of her many natural abilities and talent.  She is creative and brilliant, and above all, has heart!"

Brenda Hatchell, The Belanger Group
Cincinnati, OH

"Within five minutes of meeting Stephanie, we started work and have been working together for five years.  She gives a full range of encouragement, from career visioning to time management and practical business savvy, but she has a unique intuitive ability:  an amazing insight to hear me beyond what I am saying, to ask the tough questions and guide and encourage me to be the best 'Me' I can be.  I am living the life I created, a life uniquely mine, and I owe a lot of the courage to the ongoing support that Stephanie gives me."

The “Quantum Leap”  -  Teresa Bruni, Whispering Pines, NC

Within minutes of meeting her, I gravitated to Stephanie’s pure, positive energy vibration.  There was no way I was going to miss her "Unleash the Law of Attraction Seminar."  At the seminar, I was overcome with emotion when I felt my energy shift. It was a very powerful feeling.  The evidence of positive attraction manifesting around me was immediate!  It was so astounding that I have been keeping a list. For example, a client called the very next morning to say she was ready to move forward on a national account; friends were calling me with leads; and, people were approaching me and asking me to tell them what I do. Suddenly, I seem to be rendezvousing with the right people at exactly the right time.  It has been amazing! Having access to a coach with the knowledge, experience, expertise and pure love that Stephanie brings to each session is a true blessing. Thank you for helping me release the power within! 

Together, We Changed a Life - Pat Parelli, Founder of Parelli Natural Horsemanship
Pagosa Springs, CO

Immediately after Stephanie shared the powerful spiritual concept that she gives in her Law of Attraction seminars, I shared it with a woman who survived sexual abuse as a child who was contemplating suicide.  First, I downloaded the book to my iPad  that Stephanie recommended.  Then, I gave my iPad to this woman and told her that she had to read it within 24 hours.  She did, and she had a tremendous breakthrough!  At least for now, she has a will to live and is letting me teach her how to train dogs and horses.  I am truly amazed at the power of this very simple concept!

But, this 10-word prayer is practical in every-day business, too.  I just repeat the words to myself, not to anyone else, before I go into a meeting. Tension dissolved and the discussions were much smoother.  Just last week, it really helped me get through a difficult conversation with a business partner.  I really feel the hand of God coming through this amazing spiritual concept.  Stephanie is not only a dedicated student of Natural Horsemanship, she is also a very effective coach who is bringing out incredible hidden secrets that really work in your everyday life. Thanks, Stephanie, you’re an amazing coach! 

Stop struggling with indecision and start feeling confident in your personal and business life!  Invite Coach Stephanie to help you unlock your true potential and soar to new heights of competitive advantage and personal satisfaction.

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